Notice of Christmas sale

Did you enjoy the Black Friday Sale?

December 1st -December 25th We will inform you about Christmas sale to hold.
It will be the last sale this year, so don't miss this opportunity.

(1) New color of 2022 Winter, antique brown antique green sales!

From December 1, 2022 We will sell two new colors of winter -like colors at the same time, reminiscent of an antique and retro atmosphere.
In addition to the palm-sized T-190, this time the T-320 color will also appear!
This will be the first appearance of the T-320 color since the relaunch of our website!
Please check the following article for the new color use ideas and product details page.
2022 New Colors & Suggested Usage

(2) Limited time for winter -only, a set of 2 products for a limited time!
・ Christmas sale period limited! It is a set of 2 pieces of the same type and the same color of the popular product that can be stacked.
* You can purchase about 10 % cheaper than usual.
* By stacking, it shines as an interior as well as the storage capacity.

The lineup is
[T-190 series]

Trunk-type tool box T-190mg (military green)
Trunk-type tool box T-190BK (black)
Trunk-type tool box T-190W (white)

[T-350 series]

Trunk-type tool box T-350B (blue)
Trunk-type tool box T-350mg (military green)
Trunk-type tool box T-350BK (black)

[M-8 series]

Parts box M-8mg (military green)
Parts box M-8BK (black)
Parts box M-8CL (clear)
It will be 9 in total!

☆Please check the following article for how to use stacking and product details pages!
How to use stackable toolboxes

③ Gift seal pasting service

All those who wish to have a gift option will be attached to the Oriental Steel original gift sticker for free.
* Gift seals will be posted on the sleeve.
The gift seal is an Oriental steel original design that decorates the mountain -shaped tool box with a luxurious gold!

Please see the following article for gifts use ideas and how to apply for gift options.
Would you like to give a TOYOSTEEL tool box as a gift?