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About payment method

  • Credit settlement

    It will be deployed from the designated account based on the membership agreement of the customer card.

    You can use the following credit cards.
    Card company that can be used: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB
    Please contact your credit card company for details.

  • Other pay

    It supports Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paidy, Paypal and Amazon Pay.

About Overseas Delivery / Tariffs

    • Countries where delivery is available

      Overseas, it can be delivered to customers in the United States, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain,  New Zealand,Canada,Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Luxembourg and South Korea (update 2023/11/03).
      Toyo Steel is a traditional tool box manufacturer established in Japan in 1969.
      All products purchased from us are delivered directly from our manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan.
      We sell directly from the manufacturer for safety and security.

    • Delivery company

      The products ordered by the customer will be delivered by FEDEX or DHL or EMS.
      We will select a suitable delivery company for your residence and deliver the product.

    • postage

      【Overseas shipping】

      Overseas shipping

      Shipping processing excludes Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese holidays, year -end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon.In principle, business day after the next day.
      After shipping, there are differences depending on the country where you live,We will deliver it in 5 days to 1 week.

      The appropriate shipping fee is calculated based on the volume weight (the amount of space occupied by the luggage for the actual weight).

      USA:Free shipping on orders over 65USD

      Canada:Free shipping on orders over 70CAD

      Australia:Free shipping on orders over 125AUD

      New Zealand:Free shipping on orders over 130NZD

      United Kingdom:Free shipping on orders over 65GBD

      Euro area:Free shipping on orders over 75EUR
      *European countries outside the Eurozone are not eligible for delivery.

      Other countries: No free shipping is available.
      *The unit price per item is set lower because of the lack of free shipping.
      *For countries where shipping is free for purchases over a certain amount, a portion of the shipping cost is included in the product price, so although there is a price difference with other countries, the actual amount paid by the customer is not significantly different.

      All parcels have individual tracking numbers so you can track your package.
      Please check the tracking number in the shipping notification email.

      All parcels have an individual tracking number.

      We will carefully pack it to prevent damage during transportation.

      Delivery to the above countries and regions will be announced on the website as soon as they are ready.

      Shipping abroad may be charged with tariffs.
      Customs and customs fees will be borne by the customer.
      Please note that we are not responsible for the customs proceedings.

      【Delivery company for Japan】

      Japan Shipping

        0-3,000 yen
        3,000 yen or more
      • Nationwide in Japan
        700 yen
        free shipping
    • Number of delivery days

      * After confirming the completion of the payment, we will ship within 1-2 days (excluding weekends and holidays and long holidays).
      * If your order is concentrated, or if the weather is affected by the bad weather, you may have time to deliver. Please note in advance.
      * Depending on the weather and road conditions, the delivery may be slightly around.
      * Depending on the area, it may not be delivered as specified in the time zone.
      * Please note that we cannot accept cancellations and changes of the product.
      * We do not ship on weekends and holidays, year -end and New Year holidays, long vacations, and our designated holidays.

    • Tariffs

      * Shipping abroad may be charged with tariffs.
      * Customs and customs fees will be borne by the customer.
      * Please note that we are not responsible for the customs proceedings.
      * In the U.S., the total price of the product and shipping costs is taxable at $800 or more (as of 9/30/2022).

    • Precautions about delivery

      If the product is returned due to long -term absence or refusal without contact, or if the returned goods are repeated due to customer reasons, we may not be able to accept orders next time. Please understand.
      * Product shipment will be for each order. The order you received separately will be shipped separately, and we will not be able to ship bundled.
      * Please note that the order will be automatically canceled if the destination is unknown, a long -term absence or a transportation company has passed.

    • Change of address

      We do not accept address changes after shipping. If a change of address is absolutely necessary, we will charge an additional fee of 2,000 Japanese yen. (The amount may vary depending on the exchange rate.)

    • For customers who are refused to receive, long -term absence

      After ordering, there is no notice of cancellation, etc. If you can not deliver the product due to refusal to receive the product or for a long time, we will subtract the following fees and refund processes. If the product is returned due to refusal to receive it or expired of the transportation company for no reason, the following fee will be charged.

      ・ Round -trip delivery shipping fee
      ・ Return administrative fee
      ・ Other actual expenses charged for delivery

      Please note that we will refund after subtracting the above amount.
      Please note that orders from customers who repeat the above acts may be refused.

About return

  • Common return policy

    Our return policy is to accept returns within 7 days of receipt. If you do not contact us within 7 days of receiving the item, we will not be able to issue a refund or exchange for any reason.
    *Some items, such as gift cards, are non-returnable.

    As a condition of returning an item, the item must be unused and in the same condition in which it was received. Please be sure to return the item in the same packaging materials used when you received the item.
    Returns must be sent by a shipping method with a tracking number to our shipping address in Japan as shown on the invoice.
    (If the package is returned to a location other than the original shipping address, it will not be considered a return and the customer will be responsible for the cost of reshipping the package to the correct address).
    We are not responsible for any damage or loss during return shipping.

  • Returning defective items

    Although we carefully check our items before shipping and take every precaution to ensure item management, in the unlikely event of a defective item, please contact us at "" within 7 days.
    Please include a photo to prove that the item is different or defective.
    We will accept returns if the item is clearly different from the description on the item page. Damage caused by customs clearance or customer use will not be considered.
    If the return is due to our error (e.g. a defective item was received), we will cover the shipping costs.

  • Return for customer reasons (personal reasons)

    If you wish to return your order after it has arrived, we will only accept returns and refunds within 7 days of receipt and only if the item is unused.
    In this case, please note that you will be responsible for the shipping cost of the returned merchandise and the bank transfer fee for the refund.
    We will not accept returns or refunds if the item is shipped freight collect.
    Upon receipt and verification of your return, we will send you an email confirming receipt of the returned merchandise. You will also be notified if your refund is approved or denied.
    If approved, a refund will be processed and automatically applied within a certain number of days.
    (We will deduct 3% from the amount paid and refund the balance.)

    However, the following circumstances will result in a non-refund or partial refund.
    * Items with obvious signs of use.
    * Items that are not in their original condition and are damaged or partially missing for reasons beyond our control.
    * Items returned more than 7 days after delivery.

  • Delayed or unprocessed refunds

    Please contact your credit card company or payment service for the refund date and method after the refund process has been applied.

  • Contact for Returns

    Please copy the following template and include it in the body of your e-mail, indicating whether it is a " Defective Items" or "Personal Reasons".

    Title: Return Contact: #00000 (order number)
    *You may also use the contact form on the website.

    1. order number:
    2. name:
    3. e-mail address:
    4. selection: " Defective Items " or " Personal Reasons"
    5. reason:
    *We may ask you again depending on the details.


About cancellation / Coupon, discount code

  • Cancellation

    We cannot cancel orders that have already been completed or change the contents of an order (add items or change to other items).
    Please confirm that your order is correct before finalizing your order.
    However, we will only accept cancellations within 30 minutes of an order being placed and before the order is shipped.
    In the event of an unavoidable cancellation, we will deduct 3% from the amount paid and refund the balance. Please note that we may not be able to accept cancellations after the order has been shipped, depending on when you contact us.

  • Coupon, discount code

    For system reasons, we are unable to apply the coupon after the order has been confirmed. Please understand this in advance.
    In principle, you must register as a member to use coupons. If you are unable to use coupons, please be sure to register your information according to the following procedure.
    (Coupons are differentiated according to the address registered in the member information. To distinguish the coupons, please register your address from "Confirm Address" on the My Page below after registering as a member).

    [Overseas Customers]
    For coupons limited to e-mail magazine subscribers, it is necessary to register the address.
    After registering, please register your address from the following My Page.