OEM/Special Order

OEM/Special Order

TOYO STEEL has been delivering high quality special-order / OEM toolbox with plenty of specific knowledge and experience since 1969. With our strict quality control, under a motto of “Customer and Quality First”, we take custom production management tailored for our customers’ needs.

specialize in making toolboxes specialize in making toolboxes specialize in making toolboxes

Custom Made Product Features

We specialize in making toolboxes, so we have many variations of our special order toolbox in shape, handle, etc.
We can customize it with your favorite color, shape, or even print your custom logo.

Folding Style Toolbox

From 100-500+ lots. If you are ordering the folding style toolbox, there is no initial cost required.
Please contact us about the dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)

Special Order Standard Toolbox

With our unmatched productivity, we can provide a great quality toolbox at an affordable price. If you use our standard toolbox for your special order, there is no initial cost required.

Your Original Toolbox

We also accept your original toolbox as well.

Special Order Example

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