2022 New Colors & Suggested Usage

Did you enjoy the Black Friday Sale?
Today, we will introduce new colors that are on sale from December 1st!
It is a very nice color like winter, so please check it to the end.

・ T-320AB (antique brown)

・ T-190AB (antique brown)

・ T-320AG (antique green)

・ T-190AG (antique green)

The new colors this time are antique brown and antique green.
As the color name suggests, I made it to match the antique space.
Deep smoky colors can be matched regardless of Japanese -style and Western style, and have a Japanese -Western style.

(Color image)

[Proposal to use]
・ For storage of leather maintenance and shoe care items
Speaking of shoe care items storage, many customers use medium-sized tool boxes, such as the mountain-shaped tool box Y-350 and the two-stage tool box ST-350, but the T-190 is also the best.

I just started shoe care and still had few items, but I want to store it stylishly. For such a person, it has a perfect size.
The chic antique brown color matches the brush and cross, and it shines as an interior.

We used a shoe care set from Columbus, a long-established Japanese manufacturer of shoe creams, shoe accessories, and leather products that has been in business for 100 years.

In addition to shoe care, it is of course possible to store maintenance items such as genuine leather notebook items.

It is convenient to combine with the T-320. If you use it together, you don't have to worry about the number of items.

How about for yourself, as well as gifts?
If you give a shoe care item and T-190 together, you will not have to worry about storing it after you start using it.
By storing and organizing neatly, you will have more opportunities to maintain and will be more pleased.

・ Stationery
Fountain pen ink from the Japanese stationerymanufacturer Pilot fountain pen ink fits perfectly.
We used the new color AG (Antique Green) for this shoot, and it has a great affinity with the green color of the ink.

The T-190 has a lot of colors, and in addition to all 14 colors, we added two colors this time.
You can also choose the color according to your ink color.

It is also suitable for gifts like shoe care items storage.
Why don't you give a present with the ink or stationary kit?

The two antique colors this time have been created so that they look attractive even when combined.
You can line up or stack it.

Please check the following for the product page.
* Scheduled to start selling from December 1, 2022.

・ Trunk tool box T-320AB (antique brown)
・ Trunk tool box T-190AB (antique brown)
・ Trunk tool box T-320AG (antique green)
・ Trunk tool box T-190AG (antique green)