Would you like to give a TOYOSTEEL tool box as a gift?

Are you all enjoying the special winter sale?
From Christmas sale from December 1st, we accept gift seal pasting services for free.
Why don't you take this opportunity to give an TOYOSTEEL tool box?

When it comes to a tool box, you may think that you can only give it to those who like DIY and outdoors.

However, you can actually give it to those who have various hobbies.

[Shoe care / leather maintenance]
・ If you have a hobby of shoe care and leather maintenance and have a lot of items, we recommend the mountain-shaped tool box Y-350 and a two-stage tool box ST-350 with outstanding storage capacity.

・ Camber-top Toolbox Y-350 SV

・ Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 BK

(Photo by Instagram)

・ For those who do not have maintenance items but are likely to be interested, the palm-sized T-190 is recommended.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-190AB)

Introductory maintenance kits can be stored compactly.
We use a shoe care set of Columbus, a long -established manufacturer of shoe cream, shoe supplies, and leather products, which has been founded 100 years old.
All of the set can be stored perfectly.

In addition to shoe care, it is of course possible to store maintenance items such as genuine leather notebook items.

・ It is convenient to combine with the T-320.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-320AB

Even if the number of items increases, you can store it stylishly while sorting.

If you give a shoe care item and T-190 together, you will not have to worry about storing it after you start using it.
By storing and organizing neatly, you will have more opportunities to maintain, and it will be more pleased to be presented.

・ You can store many fine items that are often scattered with ST-350 with partitions.
The sticky texture and texture peculiar to steel has a texture that cannot be obtained with plastic or wooden storage boxes.
(Products used: Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 W

・ By combining with T-190, the first stage can be sorted.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-190W

・ It is also an advantage of steel to be able to attach a magnet.
With the T-360, you can also work while putting a magnet inside and pasting materials inside. (Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-360W

(Photo by Instagram)

・Fountain pen ink from the Japanese stationerymanufacturer Pilot fountain pen ink fits perfectly.
We used the new color AG (Antique Green) for this shoot, and it has a great affinity with the green color of the ink.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-190AG

The T-190 has a lot of colors, so if you give it together with the color of the ink, you will be more pleased.

・ By combining with the T-320, it can be sorted fashionably.
If you prepare the colors, you will feel unified and the atmosphere will come out.
(Products used:Trunk -type tool boxT-320AG

・ You can stack it with a different color or stack it with the same color.
It's nice to put items such as flowers and give them.
(Products used: 1st,Trunk-type tool box T-190AG, AB 2nd,Trunk-type tool box T-190W

・ Our representatives gave a gift with wine and dried flowers with more effort.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-320BK
Dry Flower Arrangement Cooperation: Pretty Mermaid (@prettyMerMAID_FLOWERS)

[Sweet storage]
・ If you put your favorite sweets and give a present, it will quickly turn into one gift in the world.
Even after eating sweets, of course, it can be used as a tool box for various purposes, so it will be a gift that is friendly to the person who is given.
(Products used:Trunk-type tool box T-320R

☆Sustainable choice
The metal toolbox is sturdy and long -lasting. In addition, it does not cause marine garbage because it does not use plastic.
Many customers have been using it for 20 or 30 years, and as a result, they have a sustainable choice of "using one thing for a long time."
Would you like to present an environmentally friendly oriental steel tool box to expand the ring that protects the environment?

☆How to use gift options
⓪ Add the product you want to give to the cart
① Move to the cart screen and check the “Gift Options World” check box
② Gift options will be added for free, so go to the payment screen as it is.
If you have other special articles, please write it in the memo column.
Only those who wish to have a gift option are available for delivery date specification.
(Domestic service)

* AG (antique green) and AB (antique brown) colors are new products scheduled to be sold on December 1, 2022.
For more information about new colors, please check the blog below.
2022 New Colors & Suggested Usage
* The photos described as "Photo by Instagram" are posted with permission from the customer's photos.