How to use stackable toolboxes

Introducing how to use it in two sets of two sets, M-8, T-190, T-350, which is very popular!

[Parts box M-8]
Originally used as screws for professionals at the factory, it can be used in lifestyle!

・ For organizing documents and books

Letter-size documents can be placed inside, as long as they can be bent slightly.
*The photo shows a Japanese standard A4 file.
A4: 8.3 inches x 12 inches
Letter size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches
Notebooks can also be stored if they are letter size or smaller.

You can use the T-190 to organize the small items inside.

If it is a book with a width of 21 cm, it can be inserted vertically.

・ To organize clothes
You can store bulky winter fleece neatly. (Lower stage)
If you use only one M-8, it will bulge out due to the thickness of the cloth, but by stacking another one on top, it can be stored neatly.
This is an advantage of the heavy steel construction!

In combination with the T-190, we store company uniforms, nameplates and business cards together!

The M-8CL (clear) introduced here has a special color not found in other tool boxes.
While T-190SV (silver) used for the inside sorting has a glossy finish, clear has a matte impression.
The atmospheric texture like before painting is only available in this clear color.

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・ Parts box M-8mg (military green)
・ Parts box M-8BK (black)
・ Parts box M-8CL (clear)

[Trunk-type tool box T-190]

・ As interior
It is fashionable even if you decorate it as it is, and combine with items such as dried flowers.

(Photo by Instagram)

・ With TB-362
To sort the small items inside. We use it to organize successive stickers so far! There is a tea bag in the surplus space.

・ For mask organizing
It can be stored separately for each color and type.

It is convenient to combine with M-8.

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・ Trunk tool box T-190mg (military green)
・ Trunk tool box T-190BK (black)
・ Trunk tool box T-190W (white)

[Trunk-type tool box T-350]
・ For storage of outdoor items
It is difficult to get lost if it is stored by purpose.

Even if the toolbox increases, it can be stacked, so it will not take up space.

・ For storage of a garage kit

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・ [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-350B (blue)
・ [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-350mg (military green)
・ [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-350BK (black)