Color Your Daily Life with Toolbox in Nordic Style


We propose the lifestyle inspired by Nordic design philosophy. Storage with toolbox is not just an art with utilization and beauty blended our daily life,With series of different colors and shapes in both Camber-top and trunk styles, we create Nordic-inspired spaces tailored to each scene.

Bring the Nordic breeze into your daily moments.

A toolbox in nordic design with profound beauty besides simplicity.

Accent your Wash Room

Freshen up your mornings with a Nordic-style washroom.

Nordic design tool box for storage in wash room. organazing your washbasin items with the Y-350 W (White) and the Toolbox T-360 MG (Moss green) . The Nordic taste of the clean and functional design brings a peaceful essence to your daily life.

Attractive Nordic-style storage adds color to everyday life.

Smart storage for washroom that organize your life

Nordic-style toolboxes make your washroom more functional. Simplly and beautifully designed toolbox methodically stores your items in washroom, make it much easier to use.

Storage for the Work Space

Smarten up your desk area with Nordic-style storage.

The organization of your desk area significantly impacts the quality of your daily life and work. By utilizing the T-320 P0 (Living Coral) and T-190 Y & JWI (Italian Yellow & Japanese White Indigo), you can stylishly store various items ranging from stationery to gadgets.

Find a new aesthetic for
your workspace with Nordic design.

An desk style in nordic design with efficiency and beauty

Desk is a plece not only for doing tasks but feel the inspiration.our nordic desined toolbox reform your desk environment, improve the efficiency and creativity. Our bright and vivid trunk shaped toolbox improve your efficiency of work by organizing the essencial items within reach.

As a Medical Box

Protecting peace of mind, health, and beauty with clean storage solutions.

torage solutions for items such as medicine, cosmetics, and skincare essentials that needs to be kept cleanly . Nordic design toolboxes, organize your important items and store them cleanly. This method ensures dedicated space for each item, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Maintain health and beauty with clean storage
solutions in Nordic style.

Keep your everyday life more beautiful and healthy with clean storage solutions.

It's crucial to store everyday medications and cosmetics in a clean manner. Utilizing storage methods with Nordic design toolboxes provides an ideal solution for organizing these items hygienically and efficiently. Carefully designed storage spaces make it easy to categorize items and significantly improve usability.

Enjoy Hobbies

Bask in the Nordic breeze while organizing your hobbies.

Let the refreshing breeze reminiscent of Nordic nature redefine your hobby time. For enthusiasts of flower arrangement, we propose a beautiful solution to the organization dilemma of tools and materials.

Pursue beauty in flower arrangement
storage with Nordic style.

Blossom creativity with the art of organization.

For all enthusiasts of flower arrangement, Nordic design toolboxes offer an organizational solution. By storing floral materials and arrangement supplies in one place, your workspace expands, allowing for more freedom and richness in creative activities. This storage system is not only visually pleasing but also enhances the joy of use.

Add color and functionality to your daily life.
Renew your life with Nordic design toolboxes.

Through Nordic design toolboxes, you can bring beauty and functionality to your everyday life.

Inspired by the colors of Nordic nature and featuring simple yet sophisticated designs, they make your living space more comfortable and functional.

With this new storage style, make your everyday life more comfortable and beautiful. With Nordic-style toolboxes, bring a small revolution to your daily life.
In pursuit of beauty and functionality, we will continue to enhance your daily life in comfortable living spaces.

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Our toolbox was born when Toyo Steel was successfully developed a deep drawing technology for a very first time, back in 1969. Our toolbox is seamless, light weight, with a round gentle handle with no sharp corners. They also have outstanding durability and functionality.
Our authentic design has been highly evaluated for many years as well.

We are a safe and secure manufacturer-direct sales company.

We deliver tool boxes manufactured with care directly from the factory to our customers.