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I can't use a coupon.

In principle, membership registration is required to use coupons.
In addition, the coupon is distinguished depending on the address registered in the member information, so please register the address from "Check the address" in the following My Page to determine it.

[Overseas customers]
For coupons limited to e -mail magazine registrants, it is essential to register the address.
After registering, please register your address from the following My Page.

[Japanese customer]
LINEID coordinator -only coupons require registration of membership information in addition to ID linkage.
After registering as a member, please re -associate your ID and make sure that "LINE linked" is displayed on My Page.
Please check the following page for the idle of ID.

What countries are available for shipping?

Overseas, we can deliver to customers in the USA, Singapore, Sweden, Australia, UK, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand (update 8/20/2021).

Toyo Steel is a traditional tool box manufacturer established in Japan in 1969.
All products purchased from us are delivered directly from our manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan.
We sell directly from the manufacturer for safety and security.

When will the goods arrive?

After confirming the completion of the payment, we will ship within 1-2 days (excluding weekends and holidays and long holidays).

Can I specify the delivery date and delivery time of the product?

[Overseas customers]
In principle, shipping to overseas customers cannot be specified. note that.

[Japanese customer]
Products that are in stock can be specified from the 3rd business day from the order date. Please fill in the remarks column.
We also accept changes to the specified delivery date, but if the date is approaching, we may not be able to meet your request. Please note.

What kind of payment method is there?

Card company that can be used: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB
Please contact your credit card company for details.
It also supports Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay.

What should I do when I look for a product?

You can search for free words from the search window on the site.

I want to know if my personal items will fit.

The inner dimension information is described on the product details page, so please check it first.
Even if you contact us, if we do not have the real thing we want to put in, we will not clearly respond if it can be stored. note that.

I want to change or cancel my order.

Cancellation of the product that has been ordered or changing the contents of the product (adding a product or changing to another product) cannot be accepted.
Be sure to make sure that you have any mistakes in your order, such as size, color, price, quantity, etc. before your order is completed.

I want to return or exchange an item.

Before shipping the product, we will make careful checks, and we will make a thorough product management, but if there is a product defect, we will replace it with a good product (in Japan). Please contact us for overseas customers.
Returns and exchanges are accepted only for defective products. (Please note that cancellation is not accepted in principle.) We are sorry, but we can not accept returns or exchanges. Please note.

I did not receive an email even though I ordered.

There is a possibility that your order has not been completed correctly or your email address may be wrong. Depending on your email settings, emails from this site may be distributed to "Junk mail folder". If you do not receive an email, please check the spam folder.
If you have set a domain designated reception due to spam countermeasures, etc., you can not use the service using the e -mail on this website, so please set the "" domain specified reception. To set the domain specified reception, specify the domain of "".
If you cannot confirm the email even after setting the above, please contact us by the inquiry form.