Commemorating Japan's Advancement to the Final of the National Soccer Team

[Limited edition commemorative products for Japan's national soccer team's advance to the final tournament]
☆To commemorate Japan's national soccer team's advance to the final tournament, we are offering a special two-color set in the colors of the Japanese flag for a limited time only!

・ You can purchase about 10 % cheaper than usual!
[2022.12.6 postscript]
The sale was scheduled to end at midnight on December 6, but due to popular demand, we are extending the sale period until December 25!
We hope you will take advantage of it as a Christmas gift!
Please scroll down to see how to use it.

We decorate in front of the president's office and support the Japanese national team!

[Recommended as a gift]
・ The tool box that is also a Hinomaru color and a Christmas color is perfect for Christmas gifts.
・ Why don't you pack cute sweets and give them?

Check out the video and the blog below to see how to wrap it!
Gift wrapping idea

Check out the product page below!
[Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-190 R_W (red & white)