Toyo Steel's tool boxes are ideal for gift boxes because of their stylish and versatile design.
The simplicity of this toolbox makes it look great in any gift wrapping.

[Wrapping method of T-190R (red) & T-190W (white)]
The T-190 series of trunk-shaped tool boxes, with their simple palm-sized design, are ideal for giving as gifts with snacks in them.
Even after the sweets have been consumed, they are excellent for use as storage boxes or interior decorations.

・ Pattern ① Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190R (red)

I will introduce the wrapping method in a video!
Please try it by all means.

・ Pattern ② Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190W (white)

I will introduce the wrapping method in a video!
Please try it by all means.

[Christmas sale limited items with the above two tool boxes are on sale!]
The red and white of the T-190 introduced this time will be sold for a limited time from December 2 to commemorate the Finals of Japan!
[2022.12.6 postscript]
It was scheduled to be sold until 12:00 on December 6th, but the sales period will be extended until December 25 due to the popularity!
Would you like to give a Christmas color tool box as a gift?
It is about 10 % off, rather than purchasing normally!
Don't miss this opportunity.

Check the following for the product page!
[Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-190 R_W (red & white)

[Reason for choosing Oriental Steel tool box as a gift]
The metal toolbox is sturdy and long -lasting. In addition, it does not cause marine garbage because it does not use plastic.
Many customers have been using it for 20 or 30 years, and as a result, they have a sustainable choice of "using one thing for a long time."
Why don't you give an environmentally friendly Toyo Steel tool box and expand your circle of environmental conservation?

[Gift seal free pasting service is being implemented]
During the Christmas sale period from December 1 to 25, we accept gift seal pasting services for free.
It is a gorgeous sticker of Toyo Steel original. If you put it and give a present, you will be more pleased.

・ How to use gift options
⓪ Add the product you want to give to the cart
① Move to the cart screen and check the “Gift Option” check box
② Gift options will be added for free, so go to the payment screen as it is.
If there is anything else you would like to tell us, please write it in the notes section.