Christmas Special! (2023)

Are you all enjoying the special winter sale?

We would like to inform you about the Christmas Special starting December 1st!
Please check until the end!

1, New color (AG) is now available!

We have expanded the antique green color lineup that we started selling last year!
It's been a while since new colors were added to the Y-350 and ST-350.
Please check it out.

TOYO Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 (antique green)

TOYO Camber-top Toolbox Y-350 AG (antique green)

2, [End of sales for the current year] Gift boxes for leg warmers are now available

☆Limited to 10 of each color, for a total of 30 pieces!
This special gift box is filled with high quality leg warmers made in Nara's Hiroryo Town, the "town of socks", and made in Japan!
``ELEPHANT CLUB'''s ``Good Night Leg Warmers (Short)'' in our tool box.
As a Christmas limited box, we have included an original Toyo Steel sticker.

[Christmas Limited] Leg Warmer Gift Box


``ELEPHANT CLUB'' is an original brand of ``Tsukamoto Co., Ltd.'', a sock manufacturing factory located in Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture, founded in 1960.
Koryo Town, where Tsukamoto Co., Ltd. is located, is a "sock town" that boasts the largest production of socks in Japan.

The socks made in such a town are of the highest quality and are a product that can be used for a long time.
We use the highest quality materials possible,
It is knitted using a technology that has been used for many years, and is characterized by being long-lasting and comfortable to wear.

3, Sets are still available

☆For information on how to use stacking, please check the article below!
How to use stackable toolboxes (2023ver)

4,[End of sales for the current year] Personalized Leather Tag

We are currently offering a name engraving service using high-quality genuine leather name tags made in Japan and produced in Himeji!
Up to 6 characters in Japanese and 12 characters in English can be engraved per row.
(Up to 12 characters in Japanese and 24 characters in English using 2 columns)
Please see below for details.
Limited-edition Personalized Leather Tag

5, Pre-coupon usage period continues

Coupons can also be used during the Christmas sale.
Purchase new colors and set products at even better prices!

Also, since there are only a few aluminum masterpieces left, which are very popular and are being distributed, the distribution period has been extended to December 6th.
Please purchase early!