Limited-edition Personalized Leather Tag

Why not spruce up your gift with a limited-edition personalised leather tag?

☆As a general rule, it will take approximately 3 to 5 business days from the time you place your order to the time it is shipped.
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Personalized Leather Tag

[Our commitment]
1. Luxurious leather name tag made from Japanese Himeji leather

We use cowhide using the traditional pit method , which uses plant tannins and takes time to tan.

Leather made only from vegetable tannins without using chemical raw materials is very expensive and is called full tannin leather or full vegetable tannin leather, and the beautiful leather that changes over time is loved by many people around the world.

Currently, tanners who use this method are extremely rare, but there is one remaining in Himeji, Japan that performs the rare pit tanning method.

It goes perfectly with the tasteful tool box made in Japan!

2. Laser engraving perfect for gifts
It's perfect as an original gift because you can engrave your name on it.
Of course, you can also add your own name.
Laser engraving gives it a luxurious feel and makes it hard to erase.

3.Comes with double-sided tape and can be used immediately
Double-sided tape is attached to the back of the leather name tag.
No adhesive is required, and you can instantly turn your toolbox into an item full of originality.

*We recommend pasting it in the bale-shaped recess, but you can paste it anywhere.
Small models such as the T-190 do not have a bale-shaped indentation, so you can customize it by pasting it wherever you like.
*The sticker originally attached to the tool box can be removed cleanly. Please peel it off and paste it on top.

[Process when ordering]
☆Be sure to add the name engraving option to your cart! If this is not done, we cannot provide the name engraving service.
1. Search for "plt" or "name engraving" and select the name engraving service.
Product page: Personalized Leather Tag
2. Select the quantity and add to cart.
3. After adding other items, write the characters you want engraved on the cart screen.
4, Proceed with the payment.

[Precautions when ordering]
☆About name letters English: 12 characters per column Japanese: Up to 6 characters per column Font: Gothic Number of columns: Up to 2 columns *Spaces are included in the number of characters.
*Numbers and symbols "☆♪〇◇△▽!?" can be engraved.
*Emoji cannot be used as they may be garbled.
*If you would like 2 columns, please also specify the line break position.

☆About entering the name text <br data-mce-fragment="1">Please enter the name text in the "Add a note to order" field on the cart screen.

Size of leather name tag only:  250mm x 350mm
Engraveable area: 150mm x 320mm 

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