2023 Summer Novelty Campaign

The summer novelty campaign, which ended with great popularity last year, will be held again this year!
This year's theme is "Family or single. Toyo Steel toolbox that can be used anywhere."
As a result, with the hope that Toyo Steel tool boxes can be used in all kinds of situations, we have taken the form of presenting novelties based on the number of pieces rather than the purchase price.

(1)Buy one product
・Straw hat toolbox sticker

The refreshing summer design matches pastel-colored items.

【Examples of Use】


(2)Buy two products
・Transfer decal sticker

It is a special sticker that can be pasted as if it were printed. It can also be applied to uneven surfaces.

【Examples of Use】

[Can be pasted on other than the tool box]

(3)Buy three or more products
・Straw hat toolbox sticker&Transfer decal sticker

Even tool boxes of the same color can be distinguished at a glance by attaching a sticker.

【Examples of Use】

Please check the blog below for how to paste the transfer sticker!
2023 summer novelty How to apply a cutting sticker