T-350series Debut!

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A new addition to TOYOSTEEL's lineup of trunk-type tool boxes that boast timeless appeal!


The T-350 series (military green, black, and blue) is now available.




The T-350 series features a gentle rounded design born from TOYOSTEEL's deep-drawing technology and functions not found in other products.

*The trunk-shaped design makes them stackable.
*The handle on the top prevents items inside from falling apart.
The above two functions can be achieved.
(None of the products sold on our online site are stackable and have handles on the top.)



[Comparison of T-350 with products already sold]

The T-320 is one size larger, and the lids are processed for stacking.
This makes it more rugged and outdoorsy than the T-320.

It can also hold 30cm pegs, which were not able to fit in the T-320.






The width is the same. Since the lid is trunk-shaped, it can be stacked, although its storage capacity is inferior to that of the mountain-shaped Y-350.


In addition, the flat shape makes it easy to store under the seat as an in-car tool box.


If you do purchase one, please let us know how you use it in your own unique way!




[Product Details]

To purchase, please click on the product image below.


【T-350MG(military green)】$29.10 Tax included.


【T-350B(blue)】$29.10 Tax included.


【T-350BK(black)】$29.10 Tax included.