History and Evolution.

Established in 1969, Toyo Steel has continued for over half a century as the “manufacturing company that supports a bright and safe working & living environment”, with a toolbox as our main product.
As a toolbox maker, due to our product strength in uniqueness and differentiation from other products in a market – Toyo Steel has a TOP share (70% share) in the Japanese steel toolbox market.
We retain a strong position in a niche market.


Toyo Steel started as a pro-tool industrial product manufacturer.
However, we have been evolving in the life-style market as well - because of our uniqueness in design, combined with Japanese craftsmanship.
In addition to industrial purpose customers, Toyo Steel has been highly evaluated by an audience with a great aesthetic sense, such as MoMA Design Store (USA/Japan).

Reliable Japanese quality and products are meant to be used for years.
Our designs and materials are carefully selected so that you can enjoy a beautiful vintage aesthetic as it ages.
Durability and toughness have helped contribute to a more sustainable environment.
Our wish is that - through our products, we want to keep creating new value so that we can bring brightness and richness to our environment and people for many years to come.


Toyo Steel’s Craftsmanship

Our toolbox was born when Toyo Steel was successfully developed a deep drawing technology for a very first time, back in 1969. Our toolbox is seamless, light weight, with a round gentle handle with no sharp corners. They also have outstanding durability and functionality.
Our authentic design has been highly evaluated for many years as well.
Through our history, we continued to obtain numerous Design Patents and received two “Good Design Award”
(Y-350/2009. TWR-2・TWR-4/2014). Also, in order to establish a stable quality system, we obtained ISO (ISO9001: 2000/2007,ISO45001:2018/2020). Under strict quality control, we continue manufacturing with technology not found in other companies, and sustain quality that fits the value of Made in Japan.


Our craftsmanship is passed down to our derivative brands, “ARCHE” and “KONSTELLA”.


How We Stand as a Company

Toyo Steel has a corporate vision “Take a chance for a change, challenge, and create new value”.
Through our corporate activities, we will keep creating new value and contribute to our society.
We also value our role as creating a safe, fulfilling working environment and passing it on to the next generation.