Welcome NEW series! TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192

We have released the Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192 series as a new product for summer 2024!
This is the first time in a year and a half that we have sold a new style of toolbox since the TB-362 two years ago.

It is two-thirds the thickness of our existing Trunk Shape Toolbox, the T-190, and is the perfect size for storing stationery, accessories, and other items.

It's slim, so it can be stored neatly on a shelf.
Like other trunk-style tool boxes, they are also stackable.

Pre-sale will be limited to the official store.
Don't miss this opportunity.


[List of Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192]
・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192 BK (black)

・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192 MG (moss green)

 ・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192 R (red)

・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-192 W (white)