A new addition to Toyo Steel's trunk-type toolboxes!
It is the TB-362 series (military green and black). Available from today!

It is almost the same size and shape as the existing T-360 series, but its greatest feature is the handle on the lid!

It is suitable for carrying because it does not tilt when things are placed inside! The lid is flat, so it can be mounted under a chair or in a vehicle.

Although it looks stylish, it is originally a steel tool box manufactured for professionals, so you can carry items safely with outstanding stability.
Thanks to the round handle, it is hard to hurt your hands even if you put a lot of things.

Like the T-360, the T-190 series fits perfectly inside. It makes it easier to organize small items.

[Comparison with the T-360 series] 
・ Width and vertical width are almost the same. * Left: T-360 Right: TB-362

・ The height is a little higher for the TB-362. * Left: T-360 Right: TB-362

・TB-362 cannot be stacked with each other, but can be stacked with T-360!

[Example of use of T-360]
* This is a photo that is actually used by customers who have received permission on Instagram.
* Although it is not an example of using the TB-362, the size and shape are almost the same as the T-360, so you can expect the same use.

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