Sticker or Aluminum Nameplate GIVEAWAY

Hello, this is Toyo Steel Press.

We are currently running out of novelties for our popular sticker or aluminum nameplate giveaway campaign, so we have decided to make October 2 (Sun.) the last day of the campaign!

Please be assured that we have assumed the number of orders and have secured enough for up to the 2nd.

If you want the stickers or aluminum nameplates, please visit the Toyo Steel online store and place your order by the 2nd!

[9/1(Thu) - 10/2(Sun)  Sticker or Aluminum Nameplate Presents Campaign](Exclusive to TOYO STEEL's online shop)

[Campaign Details]
・ Sticker gift

All customers who purchase products from the TOYOSTEEL Online Store.
(Purchases under $50 are eligible for the sticker.)

・ Aluminum nameplate gift
All customers who purchase products on the Toyo Steel online site for $50 or more.

・ Both gifts
All customers who purchase products on the TOYOSTEEL online site for $100 or more.


*The number is limited. Please note that the offer will end as soon as we run out.
*Shipping charges are not included in the purchase price. The above standard is for the price of the product only.
*For customers outside of Japan and the U.S., the quantity is based on the old standard.
*The amount of purchase will be the standard for orders placed on or after September 1, and the old standard will be used for novelty distribution until August 31.
(Old standard: purchase one or two and get a sticker, purchase three or four and get an aluminum nameplate, purchase five or more and get both)