Shipping fee reduction & product price adjustment(U.S. only)

Hello, this is TOYO STEEL PRESS.

As many of you have requested for some time, we have once again lowered our shipping rates and adjusted our product prices.

With this revision, we have been able to significantly lower the amount of purchases that qualify for free shipping! 

We hope you will take advantage of it.


Free shipping on purchases over $300


Free shipping on purchases over $65

To make it easier for our customers to shop, we have also lowered the discount rate on our newsletter sign-up coupon to 10% in order to make shipping less expensive.

This adjustment was only for the U.S., but we plan to make adjustments for other countries in the future.

Coupon can be used on first order for newsletter subscribers only.

If you haven't already, be sure to use it!

You can register for the newsletter using the form below.

Click here to get a coupon

Please be sure to register your membership and zip code when registering.

(Since this coupon is only for overseas residents, the coupon cannot be applied unless the overseas address is registered in the membership information.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2022


*The price for free shipping was incorrect and has been corrected.
Our sincere apologies.(Tuesday, September 16, 2022)