Welcome NEW COLORS! TI(Titanium) Series

Titanium color has been released as a new color for summer 2024!

This time, we have added new colors to four popular items.
This is the first time since our company was founded that we have added four new colors to a product line at the same time!

It was created after much trial and error to have a color close to that of unpainted steel, yet be able to blend in with a variety of living situations.

This is a special color that is highly versatile not only for outdoor activities and DIY, but also as interior décor.
Please check it out.


[Titanium color product list]
・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190 TI (Titanium)

・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-320 TI (Titanium)

・TOYO Camber-top Toolbox Y-350 TI (Titanium)

・TOYO Cantilever Toolbox ST-350 TI (Titanium)