Large toolbox sales start!

We have started selling large tool boxes, which we have received many requests for!

As a result, almost all TOYO brand tool boxes that we sell can now be purchased at our store.
Items that could not fit in conventional tool boxes can now be stored with the new lineup.

・GL series (GL-410 in the photo)

The specifications inside are similar to the existing ST series, but the big difference is that it is large and the handle is a handle.
You can also hang a hook on the open handle, making it useful not only for DIY but also for outdoor activities.
It is designed so that casters can be attached to the back, and carrying it becomes easier by attaching the optional casters.
(If you would like to know more about casters, please contact us.)

2-stage tool box GL-350 B (blue)


2-stage tool box GL-410 B (blue)

2-stage tool box GL-470 B (blue)

・GT series (photo is GT-350)

The shape is almost the same as the GL series, but the storage capacity has been greatly improved by adding three layers.
Although it is heavy, it has a handle that is gentle on your hands, so even if you put heavy objects in it, your hands won't hurt.
A padlock can be attached, so even expensive items can be safely stored.
*The ST, GL, and GT series fit SOL's 2500x30 padlock perfectly.

3-stage tool box GT-350 B (blue)

3-stage tool box GT-410 B (blue)

3-stage tool box GT-470 B (blue)

・L series (L-450 in the photo)

It is double-sided and has a resin partition inside.
Easy to take out the contents and easy to sort.

L-450 B with mountain-shaped middle plate (blue)

・Mounted tool box Y-530

The Y-530 is the largest Y-shaped tool box currently on the market.
With a width of 50 cm or more, it has a presence and a sense of weight, but its storage capacity is outstanding.


Mountain-shaped tool box Y-530 B (blue)



・Trunk type tool box T-470

It is an attache case type that is convenient to carry.

Trunk type tool box T-470 B (blue)