Father's Day Gift Campaign

Would you like to give a tool box for father's day gift?
For a limited time until June 18th, we are accepting Toyo Steel original gift wrapping or original paper bag options!

(1) original paper bag and (2) noshi-style wrapping that make you feel Japanese style and retro atmosphere.
You can choose wrapping or paper bag, whichever you prefer.
*It is possible to choose both.
*As a wrapping fee, 100 yen will be charged only for ② Noshi style wrapping.


(1) Original paper bag

(2) Noshi style wrapping

How to apply for gift wrapping

If you don't know what tool box to give on Father's Day, click here !
We introduce examples of presents along with photos submitted by customers.
Gift a Toyo Steel toolbox to match your father's hobby!