From September 8 (Fri.) through October 9 (Mon.), we will be holding a campaign to give away environmentally friendly novelties!
Presented with rulers made from scraps of wood generated during the manufacture of tool boxes!





Receive an eco-friendly ruler made from toolbox scraps with any purchase of 150 USD/CAD/AUD/NZD or more!


Due to limited numbers, the order amount to distribute the novelties is higher.
We ask for your understanding in consideration of the environment.





Our ecological rulers are painted using the exact same paint as our toolbox. 

-The offer will end as soon as they are gone.
-Customers in Japan and overseas except the U.S. will receive a centimeter ruler, and customers in the U.S. will receive an inch ruler.
-In principle, you cannot choose the color, but if there is a color you would like, please write it in the memo box.
However, there may be cases where the color you want has already been distributed.