[Bonded leather] Magnetic Partition Parts and Insole sheet Set now on sale

We are selling genuine Magnetic Partition Parts and Insole sheet specifically for Toyo Steel toolboxes!

These are Magnetic Partition Parts and Insole sheet specifically for toolboxes, made from bonded leather produced by the renowned German company Salamander. They offer a beautiful piece with a unique texture and quality different from sponge. For customers using our toolboxes, we have carefully designed and manufactured every aspect of the product, including the packaging.

What is Bonded Leather?
Bonded leather is an eco-friendly material made by processing leather scraps generated during the production of leather goods into fibers, and then reprocessing them into sheets by mixing them with resin. It retains the natural texture, durability, and moisture absorption of genuine leather, and you can enjoy the unique aging process that gives leather products their distinctive color changes and sheen. Due to the characteristics of bonded leather, there may be black spots or discoloration during the production process, so please understand.

About the Magnetic Partition Parts
Open the magnetic parts attached at both ends and attach them to the toolbox.

About the Insole sheet
They are cut to fit the internal dimensions of Y-350 and T-350.

The sample photos are provided by WPB Co., Ltd., the manufacturer.

☆Product list

[Bonded leather] Magnetic Partition Parts & Insole sheet set MPP-14 & IS-350

[Bonded leather] Magnetic Partition Parts MPP-14

[Bonded leather] Insole sheet IS-350