VALENTINE SALE!(Update 1/31)

Would you like to give an Oriental steel tool box as a gift for Valentine's Day?

Rather than purchasing normally10%AdvantageThe set sales will start for a limited time as Valentine's sales!

Set sales

① [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-190 AB (antique brown)

We will sell set sales with the same model number and the same color, which was very popular at the end of last year, as Valentine's Sale version!
T-190AB is a set of two.

② [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-190 & 320 AB (antique brown)

T-190AB and T-320AB, a set of different model number with the same color!
This is the first set sale of another model number.

③ [Set of 2] Trunk tool box T-190 & 320 R (red)

* Sales start from February 1st
T-190R and T-320R, it will be a set of another model number with the same color.

Gift / usage proposal

[Packed sweets]
・ T-190 alone

Even if you are familiar with sweets, if you put it in a chocolate -colored tool box and wrap it, it will quickly turn into a Valentine gift.
The T-190 series is sold at a reasonable price even in the lineup of our tool boxes.
Perfect for those who need to give them to multiple people.
It is also important that you can use it as a storage item after eating the chocolate inside.

・ T-320 and T-190 sets

I want to give a more special feeling! For those who like, the set of T-320 and T-190 is recommended!
If you pack a little luxurious sweets in the T-190, and set sweets and coffee and tea, etc., it will be a wonderful Valentine gift.
By the way, the Madeleine used in the photos shows a perfect relationship with the shells perfectly, which means "I want to be more familiar". It's nice to give anything other than chocolate.
It is also important that you can use it as a storage item even after eating the chocolate inside. Because it is larger than the T-190, you can store more items.

Both the T-190 and the T-320 will be sent in the Oriental Steel original sleeve.
You can also take out the sleeve once, pack sweets, and put them in the sleeve again.

You can give it as it is, you can apply for an oriental steel original gif -trapping, or wrap it yourself.
You can apply for a gift wrapping option for free during the Valentine sales only during the period!

In addition, we can specify the delivery date only for those in Japan. (Please note that depending on the order date, it may not be in line with the wishes of the delivery date).

[As a gift other than sweets]
If you are not good at sweets, why not give small items or fashion miscellaneous goods other than chocolate and sweets?
With gratitude to those who are taking care of you, choose a perfect gift that suits your preferences.

・ Leather maintenance, shoe care item

I just started shoe care and still had few items, but I want to store it stylishly. For such a person, it has a perfect size.
The chic antique brown color matches the brush and cross, and it shines as an interior.

・ Fashion accessories such as socks

Items used every day, such as socks, are also suitable for Valentine's gift!
The big advantage is that if you assorted multiple pieces and give it, you can store it as it is.

・ As a sewing box

T1-190 is ideal for organizing threads. The sewing thread is perfect.

・ As interior

If you decorate multiple stacks, it will look more like Valentine.