2023 Limited Colors! TOYO Halloween

Two new Halloween-inspired Y-280 & T-190 MONSTER (Franken Green and Pumpkin Orange) were released simultaneously in two colors.

Franken Green is a revival color of the Halloween limited color sold the year before last, and Pumpkin Orange is new this year.


TOYO STEEL and an illustrator from Kyoto thought out the details in the design with great care.

The character "TOYO Monster" was born from this project - His face is outlined on our iconic camber-top toolbox!
Based on an original design, it was drawn by an illustrator from Kyoto, and silk printed by artisans in Higashi-Osaka. Each Monster is printed by hand. 


The T-190 comes in the same Franken Green and Pumpkin Orange colors as the Y-280 and does not dare to print the TOYO monster.

This allows for easy purchase and can be used past Halloween without any problems.
It can also be used together with Y-280 for sorting inside.

It is online exclusive and limited numbers are available. Please check out if you are curious! 

・TOYO Camber-top Toolbox Y-280 MONSTER FR (Franken Green)

・TOYO Camber-top Toolbox Y-280 MONSTER PU (Pumpkin Orange)

・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190 MONSTER FR (Franken Green)

・TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190 MONSTER PU (Pumpkin Orange)