Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Powered by Solar Panels

Toyo Steel has introduced solar panel power generation from June 2022 from the perspective of environmental protection.
About 30% to 40% of the monthly power consumption is covered by sunlight!


The motor of the press machine used to manufacture our tool boxes is always in operation due to mechanical reasons. As such, they tend to consume more power than other manufacturing industries.
Because of the high power consumption, the contribution of solar panel power generation to the global environment is large.

[Contribution to the global environment through solar panel power generation]
1. Utilization of environment-friendly renewable energy By using solar energy, which is a renewable energy, instead of relying on fossil fuels that burden the environment, we are actively working on environmental problems such as global warming and air pollution. is.
Solar energy is an inexhaustible natural resource, and its utilization is an important means of protecting the global environment.

2. Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions With solar panel power generation, we significantly reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions associated with burning fossil fuels.
Global warming is now a global issue, and we hope that our efforts will spread the positive impact on the global environment.

3.Long-term economic benefits Solar panel power generation has the advantage of initial installation costs, but after that there are almost no maintenance costs.
Solar energy is a free, natural source of energy, so solar panels offer long-term economic benefits.