How to receive and use gift cards(For US)

Make a purchase of $70 or more and we'll give you up to 40% of your purchase back in the form of a gift card!
This is a very special, limited-time gift card that you can use on your next order!
Don't miss this opportunity!

[How to receive a gift card]
(0) Register as a member and register your address.
*Your information to receive the gift card is identified by your country of residence.
Without a registered address, you will not be able to receive a gift card, so please be sure to register.

(1) Add items of $70 or more to your cart.
(It depends on the combination, but generally 2 or more items will be over $70)

(2)Search "gift card" and add "GIFTCARD_US" to cart.
(Once the gift card fee is added, the total amount in your cart will increase, but by entering the coupon on the payment screen, the amount will be the amount of the merchandise only)

(3) Proceed to the purchase procedure from the cart screen.

(4) Enter the coupon code "GIFTCARD_US". At this stage, the gift card amount will be waived.

(5) Confirm that the gift card is sent with the order completion e-mail.
*The price shown on the gift card may be in yen, but it can be used without problems.
*The amount of the gift card may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.


[How to use the Gift Card] ☆ Available from November 25
(1) Add the product you want to the cart and enter the Gift Card code.

(2) Confirm that the amount is discounted.

About the Gift Card
*For orders that have won a gift card, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges after the order has been placed.
(Because Gift Cards cannot be returned.) Please order carefully to avoid any mistakes.
*The Gift Card is a limited time gift card that can be used only for orders placed between November 25 and December 31.
*If you have obtained a Gift Card, please be sure to use it during this period.
*The Gift Card can be sent to others. Why not give it as a gift in the form of a gift certificate?
*The Gift Card can only be used once. Please use the full amount of the Gift Card when you use it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
You can also contact us through our chat system, but please note that replies may be delayed due to the one-person response time.