Aluminum Nameplate or Sticker GIVEAWAY(アルミ銘板 or ステッカープレゼント企画)

Hi, this is TOYO STEEL Press.

We're excited to announce a special, summer-only offer!


【7月14日(木)18:00 ~ 8月31日(水) アルミ銘板 or ステッカープレゼント企画】(東洋スチールオンラインサイト限定)

[7/14(Thu) 5:00EDT - 8/31(Wed) Aluminum Nameplate or Sticker Presents Campaign](Exclusive to TOYO STEEL's online shop)




【企画内容】[Campaign Details]




・Aluminum nameplate present

All who purchase three or more products on the TOYOSTEEL online site


・The aluminum nameplate is based on the retro number plates used in classic car rallies.
 The back side is coated with double-sided tape, allowing it to be attached to not only a custom tool box, but also to a laptop computer!


・Sticker Present
All customers who purchase one or more products on the TOYOSTEEL online site


・It is based on the sticker created when the Y-350 series won the Good Design Award in 2009.
 Because of its compact size, it can be placed on the side of a tool box, or even overlaid on the Good Design Award sticker.

☆If you purchase 5 or more of our products we will give you both as a gift!




We are pleased to announce a major upgrade to the sticker giveaway program that we have offered three times in the past!
Customers who purchase 3 or more of our products will receive an aluminum nameplate, and those who purchase 1 or 2 of our products will receive a sticker.

Both have been well received among our employees, and we enjoy customizing them to our heart's content.

Don't miss this opportunity, as it will end as soon as it is gone.